India meets Pakistan: Salman Khan meets Shahid Afridi during event in Canada

Taken out as arch-rivals, both India and Pakistan are the countries having tons of mutual respect and love for each other, with keeping the peace as the top most priority. The latest prime example of this brotherhood is the photos of Pakistani star cricketer Shahid Afridi and Bollywood bigwig Salman Khan, circulating on social media from an event held in Canada.

The top Bollywood star has always shown courteousness towards Pakistan and it’s citizens, on the other hand, Pakistani cricketing legend  has always been vocal about the massive love he had got throughout his career from the Indian fans.

Shahid Afridi aka Boom Boom Tweeted photos of his  his meeting with the Indian star actor, which he captioned as: “Great to meet @BeingSalmanKhan today with community members. “All the best for the event.”

The photos circulating online seemed to be taken from some of the charity event or something of the social event that happened in Canada.  The Bollywood star can be seen wearing shirt of his ‘Being Human’ charitable trust. On the other hand, Shahid Afridi, who is making waves across the globe with his ‘Shahid Afridi Foundation’ seems attending this community to get support for his social works.

It should be noted here both Salman and Shahid are loved across the globe, not only for doing big in their respective fields but also for abridging the gap between people of Pakistan and India. The social works they have been are examples in their own and that is why Netizens were really excited to see biggest stars of India and Pakistan in one frame.




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