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Is E631 Haram & Made of Pig Fat?

(Last Updated On: 07/12/2018)

Have you ever noticed or wondered about the complicated names written on the packing of the products that we buy. One of the most common names at the back of many products is E631 also called sodium inosinate.
It is sodium salt of inosinic acid, mainly found in animals, it is natural acid, but most of us don’t know about it. It is made commercially from the meat or fish or red meat. In some cases, E631 are made from the bacterial fermentation of sugars. In foods, it is also used to reduce the amount of salt. The essential feature of sodium inosinate is to enhance the taste or flavour of other ingredients, and it doesn’t have any specific taste and as its stated above it improves or increases the flavour of the items.
E631 is found in many products, and the most famous product is Lays chips. Muslims around the world are very concerned about the use of the products which have E631 as many had the opinion that it is extracted from pigs and due to which there was Haram Halal issue. The case was specially raised in Pakistan about the authenticity of Lays chips, and upon asking the Lays team proved that E631 used in Lays chips is made up of tapioca starch and is not haram.

Every food item has a statistical figure called ADI which stands for acceptable daily intake, we don’t have any idea how much should be its daily intake. One thing is clear that it should not be used by those who are having problem gout and babies under 12 weeks are also not advised to be given E631. People who have Asthma should also avoid its use.

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