Piles – Haemorrhoids Medicine in Pakistan

Piles another name is haemorrhoids. The Patient who is suffering from Piles (haemorrhoids) that was facing problems like enlarged blood vessels that patient can get inside or around his/her anus. In starting, they are normally small, round, discoloured lumps. The patient will feel them on his/her anus or may be hanging down from your anal canal. The anal canal is the short, muscular tube with contains blood vessels that also connects your rectum (back passage) with his/her anus.

The reason for Piles or Haemorrhoids

There are many reasons which cause of disease of Piles like

  • Sitting too much on a seat for a long time daily
  • Eat too much cow meat or buffalo meat
  • Eat too much fish meat
  • Eat too many spicy meals
  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Lifting heavy weights
  • Pregnancy
  • Straining when passing a stool.

Piles start from internal inside your anal canal but when you do not get proper treatment then these become large and hangout from the anus. Blood also come from these blood vessels when constipation stool released. So it is called the Bloody Piles.

Piles Treatment in Pakistan- Bawaseer ka Eelaaj

Piles treatment is difficult but very easy in homeopathic. There are several medicines in Pakistan which patients using for Piles. According to meXa Pharma who is treating piles (haemorrhoids) patients from several years claim that they have the best medicine for Piles. According to them the patients of Piles normally those who are eating a lot of meat in his/her regular diet. So we stop them from eating meat, yogurt, and spicy foods specially. They also observed the patients are also drivers who drive the truck or car all day. They claim that they have the best treatment of Piles in Pakistan. Piles treatment easily can cure in Homeopathic.

خونی بادی اور پرانی سے پرانی بواسیرکا بہترین علاج

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Piles Medicine Name in Homeopathic – Bawasir ki Dawai

PILER Tablet is the name of trust in Piles treatment in Pakistan. The course of Piles treatment is about 30 days. Take Piler Tablet twice in a day with milk.

Care During Taking Piles Treatment

  • Don’t take any kind of meat
  • Avoid Yugart.
  • Avoid sitting too much

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