Laddan Jaffri Story Fabricated by Zameer Akhtar

Nowadays Shia Scholar Zameer Akhtar is being trolled a lot on internet for his speeches during this moharram as he made some supernatural claims during his speeches.

It all started when Zameer Akhtar gave reference of people from jungles of Nepal as according to him they do Mourning and dies in the process and later on in evening they get alive again. This story took internet to a storm and went viral lots of memes were made on the line “Un ki mout wakiya hojati hy”. Shortly the video was trolled a lot, in response Zameer Akhtar during his next speech told a story of a person he personally knew by the name of Laddan Jarfri and in the story he claimed that when Laddan was small boy he went to Karbala along with his mother.

During his stay at Karbala he went for flying kite as he was fond of flying kites and accidentally he fell from the roof in the process and died. Upon this his mother took his dead body to Hazrat Abbas tomb and asked him for his life and suddenly he got his life back . This story also got viral and got trolled a lot in response the grandson of Laddan Jarfri posted on social media that the story of his grandfather was fabricated by Zameer Akhtar, he agreed that his grandfather got chocked at Karbala but couldn’t say that he died and may be doctor announced wrong death but the story by Zameer Akhar was fabricated he claimed.

Grandson of Laddan Jafri said that our family has to suffer a lot due this massive trolling of his grand father story at internet as he was also a soldier and fought two wars as well and the story from Zameer Akhtar also claimed that he Laddan Jafri never went to Karbala again as he was afraid that he will die again.

In the end Grandson of Laddan Jafri requested not to share anything for fun as it might be very offensive to some people and may disturb their lives.



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