Life Stories of Sheikh Rasheed – Wife, Reema, Lal Haveli

Sheikh Rasheed, evergreen bachelor and Lal Haveli are considered synonyms for each other. Lal Haveli and him be bachelor make as popular stories as Sheikh Rasheed himself.

Although Sheikh Rasheed claims that he isn’t married and still a bachelor but Shehnaz Begum has claimed herself to be the wife of Sheikh Rasheed. According to her, Nikkah of Sheikh Rasheed with herself took place in May 1996 in United States of America which was properly registered.

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Shehnaz Begum further told that after marriage she has stayed in his residence I10-30 for fifteen days and Sheikh Rasheed informed his sister and brother about this marriage and sought their permission as well. Tahir ul Qadri also indicated to raise voice in favor of Shehnaz Begum but with the passage of time, the issue disappeared and has not been surfaced till yet.

Sheikh Rasheed is Federal Minister for railways these days. He was born in Rawalpindi on 6th of November 1950. He studied in Polytechnic college and then from Gordon college Rawalpindi. He did his Bachelors in Law from Punjab University and then did Masters in Political Science. He started his political career in 1990 and has been selected member National Assembly numerous times.

It is said that Lal Haveli was residence of Budhu Bai and she moved to India after partition and Sheikh Rasheed has been keeping Lal Haveli since then carrying the history forward.

In previous government of Muslim League, Sheikh Rasheed used to be Minister for culture and those actresses who become favorite of Sheikh Rasheed, used to become big name in Pakistan film industry.

Love story of Sheikh Rasheed and Reema became common once and about that Reema had to say that she was proposed by Sheikh Rasheed but things didn’t move positively. Anyway Sheikh Rasheed’s name has been coming up with different actresses quite consistently. Actress Anjuman who was already married to Mubeen Malik was invited several times by Sheikh Rasheed but she used to refuse and after getting disappointed from her, Sheikh Rasheed’s center of attention became Reema.

It is said that Sheikh Rasheed had become out of control doing his activities even don’t caring about presence of Mian Nawaz Sharif and this became the reason for Mian Nawaz Sharif distancing himself from Sheikh Rasheed.

Benazir Bhutto in yellow dress

Sheikh Rasheed’s vulgar language is no secret and he used to make jokes in National Assembly as well. Once Benazir Bhutto wore yellow dress while attending National Assembly session, Sheikh Rasheed commented that she looks like a yellow cab today.

Although all the allegations on Sheikh Rasheed can’t be true but it cannot be denied that some could be true as well and since Sheikh Rasheed did not take any notable legal action against those who put allegations on him, it seems there is some degree of truth in the allegations.

Now that Sheikh Rasheed is once again Federal Minister for Railways, more such rumors are expected to see the limelight.

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