Jeeto Pakistan Girl: Fabiha Sherazi Life Story, Age, Husband and Biography

Although Fabiha Sherazi has reached the height of fame through gameshow Jeeto Pakistan but there is no detailed interview or any kind of official details available on internet. She is clean from any kind of scandals right now but many YouTube videos try to show that she has some kind of affair with Fahd Mustafa or both of them are relatives, but when you check these videos, there is nothing inside.

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She is most searched person of Pakistan in Google Search 2017 leaving behind names like Haniya Amir, Momina Mustehsan and Rida Isfahani. She started her career as an Assistant in Jeeto Pakistan gameshow while assisting Fahd Mustafa and from here she caught attention of people and became top search in 2017 Google search results.

Fabiha Sherazi was born on 29th of May and her year of birth isn’t disclosed on her Facebook and Instagram profiles. Some sources on internet claim her birth year to be 1992 (26 years) while others claim her birth year to be 1994 (24 years).

Although people tried to search about her husband and kids as well but since she is not married yet so no data regarding Fabiha’s husband and kids is available on internet.

Fabiha is 5 feet 5 inch tall and she has brown eyes. She studied from Iqra University Karachi and from birth till yet she resides in Karachi with her family.

After becoming popular from the gameshow Jeeto Pakistan, she has worked in a few TV commercials and has been modeling for some famous brands of fabrics. She is also found working in some social media videos from time to time.

She has become so much popular that once a guy on Jeeto Pakistan show preferred to take selfie with Fabiha rather than Fahd Mustafa.

Not only she is fond of taking selfies of herself but she has her Instagram full of selfies with showbiz superstars like Fahd Mustafa, Shahid Afridi, Waseem Badami and Iqrar ul Hassan as well as many other superstars.

Now that she has attained huge popularity from appearing as an assistant in a gameshow, it is expected that her career will go up from here and in coming days she can be seen in upcoming dramas and films as well.

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