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Punjab Government Launches Pink Motorcycle Scheme 2018 for Women – How to Apply?

(Last Updated On: 25/01/2018)

Punjab Government has finally launched the Pink Motorcycle Scheme for Women that were supposed to be launch as Pink Scooty Scheme for Women. The idea was first proposed during a high official meeting about two years ago when Punjab Government decided to launch schemes for Women Empowerment in the society.

Two years before Special Monitoring Unit of the Chief Minister Punjab had also organised a campaign Women on Wheels. The aim, of the campaign and workshop, was to provide free lessons of motorcycle driving to women in the near future for increasing their presence in public.

Last Date to Submit Application

The last date for submission of application is Feb 25, 2018.

The scheme is currently available for the following five cities of Punjab:

  • Rawalpindi
  • Multan
  • Lahore
  • Sargodha
  • Faisalabad

Any woman who is between the age of 18 to 40 years, holding valid motorcycle driving license, resident in Punjab and self-employed or studying in above-mentioned cities is eligible to apply for the scheme.

The applicants also need to fulfil the following conditions:

  • Having a valid CNIC
  • Maximum monthly income of self if employed or guardian if dependent does not exceed Rs. 30,000.
  • Must be Matric passed
  • Express consent of Parent or Guardian on application form with one Guarantor. The guarantor can be parent or guardian as well.

Amount of Subsidy, Loan and Installment Procedure

Equity Subsidy by Punjab Government – Rs. 24,975

Loan Amount Financed by Bank of Punjab – Rs. 22,275

Down Payment by Applicant –Rs. 27,000

Monthly instalment payable for repayment of BoP Loan is Rs. 1,856.

Punjab Government Women on Wheels Pink Motorcycle Application Form

Application form can be availed from Bank of Punjab and are also available here to download

Once the application is filled, and all documents are completed, applicants need to submit the same at a designated branch of Bank of Punjab along with form processing fee of Rs. 3,000.

Balloting of successful applicants will be announced by the Government of Punjab and list will be placed on the official website of the Bank of Punjab.

Documents to Attach with Application Form

Applicants also need to attach following documents along with application form

  • Valid CNIC
  • One Photograph
  • An affidavit that the “Maximum Monthly income of applicant (if employed) or guardian/household (if not employed) does not exceed Rs 30,000” (Format of affidavit available on www.bop.com.pk)
  • Matric / equivalent certificate
  • In case the applicant is a student, her educational institution’s ID card or enrolment letter or copy of last paid fee.
  • Copy of CNIC of Guarantor (in case applicant not employed)
  • Valid Driving License / Learners License
  • Punjab Domicile

Women Pink Motorcycle Specs

The price of the motorbike is Rs. 67,500

The colour of the motorbike is Pink

The SMU is an entity of the GOP and is being supervised directly from the Chief Minister Office. The SMU aims to bring reforms in law and orders in the following:

  • Violence against Women Centres (VAMC)
  • Model Graveyards
  • Transforming Current Policing Model
  • Dealer Vehicle Registration System (D.V.R.S)
  • Token Tax Identification Stickers
  • Specialty Plates
  • Introduction of Camera Integrated Traffic Fines
  • Traffic Reforms


  1. I need pink motor bike for women

  2. Please, Bike is not comfortable for females who are wearing abaya sort of stuff. Scooty is a proper ride to drive by females easily within abaya or any dress coat they wear. I humbly request to PM to start a scheme with scooty as well as soon as possible.

  3. Wahhhh

    Is mein koi Liberalism, koi Begairti, koi be Hyaai nazar nahi aae gi

    Agr imran khan ne ye scheme announce ki hoti to foran

    “kaha th na yahoodi ka agent hai,,, yeh be hyaaai phelaane aya hai”

    k comments aa jaate…

    ab kisi ko Islam yaad nahi aa raha, koi downpayment zaida hone ko ro raha hai to koi application ki detail maang raha hai..

  4. Pehle Pujab ka haal to dekh lo

  5. I also want to get this bike because the condition of our buses is very poor our buses are over crowded but sir it is not possible for me to pay such a huge amount as down payment……….

  6. Where is the detail of this bike?

  7. Ye scheme ameer logo k lye h kya ak gareeb admi 30 hazar kamata h? Is lye wo to apni bate k lye ni khareed skta Punjab me choty mulazim ki sallery 15 hazar we b kam h liahaza kam amdni waly ko tarjeh Dane chye or gareeb admi se 3000 kis cheez k le rhy hn

  8. Ye scheme ameer logo k lye h kya ak gareeb admi 30 hazar kamata h? Is lye wo to apni bate k lye ni khareed skta

  9. Down payment is too much. A poor person could not managed. 🙁

  10. I need motor cycle .

  11. This scheme only for Punjab why sir… karachi k lye q nh hai yeh scheme..

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  13. I need this pink motor cycle

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