Reham Khan Book: List of Serious Allegations on PTI Chairman Imran Khan

According to a psychiatrist, the ex-wife of PTI Leader Imran Khan, Reham Khan, is a victim of bipolar diseases in which the patient either stun the world with his excellent gesture and can be wounded one.

The second wife of Imran Khan, Reham Khan is all set to launch her new book that according to sources will set back the reputation of Imran Khan significantly. PTI has already earned stay by the Multan Civil Court not to launch the book in Pakistan.

According to sources and journalists, Reham Khan has put severe allegations on Imran Khan and other prominent leaders of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. She even alleged former Pakistan Cricket Team Capitan Wasim Akram for being involved in cuckolding for her late wife with a black man.

Some Pakistani journalist described Reham’s book as a new form of pornography.

Here is the list of allegations made by Reham Khan in her book against PTI and other renowned celebrities.

  • Imran Khan has gay relations with Murad Saeed and Hamza Ali Abbasi. (Hamza Ali Abbasi revealed one chapter from the book in a TV show).
  • Imran Khan hid the news of Nikah for two months. He doesn’t qualify for Article 62
  • Imran Khan alleged her for having relations with ISI personal
  • Wasim Akram forced her late wife to do sex with a blacked man
  • Zulfi Bukhari, the friend of Imran Khan, resolve the pregnancy case of a young girl who has relation with Imran Khan.
  • Khawaja Anela has a hold on Imran Khan, and both have sexual relations as well
  • Imran Khan has a healthy addiction to drugs

While PTI leadership and followers are painting this overall story as a blame game by PML (N) but sources have revealed they have nothing to do with this at all. In fact, Reham Khan wants to take revenge from Imran Khan, and she is in the mood of selecting the right time to hit.

Reham Khan’s book is expected to launch within few days, and it will be launch before the election. It will severely defame the reputation of PTI leader, and he will have to pay the hefty price for it.

After the book of ex-ISI Chief Asad Durrani, Mian Nawaz Sharif will be again the primary beneficiary of this book. That is the initiative of Reham Khan, and no one is involved in it. An Indian businessman Sanjay Kathoriya is bearing the all expenses of book and its launching. He is the best friend of Reham Khan even before her marriage with Imran Khan. For the same reason, the book will launch in India. The book is the story of a wounded woman, and she is not ready to forgive her ex-husband.

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