Saudi Arabia Agrees to Remove Umrah Tax on Pakistanis


Last year an additional fee of 2000 Saudi Riyals if someone was going to perform Umrah for more than one time within two years. PM Imran Khan took up the matter with Saudi authorities on which the Kingdom of KSA has abolished the fee for Pakistanis.


Good news for all those Pakistanis who want to visit Makkah and Madina frequently. So far the relation of new Prime minister seems very good with KSA and both the countries have extended their efforts to make better relationships.
Saudi Arabia has always been a great friend of Pakistan and both the countries have helped each other whenever they are in need.
Imran Khan told that during his visit of KSA he requested the Crown Prince of KSA Mohammad Bin Salman to waive off or abolish the fee and they accepted the request quite happily.
Such favours build up the confidence of the countries on each other and are very good for healthy relations between two countries.
On the other hand, the supporters of PTI are mocking the opposition regarding their allegations on Imran Khan as the Israeli agent. Well, actions speak louder than words.


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