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Sehat Card Registration From KPK

(Last Updated On: 07/11/2018)

Sehat insaf card started by PTI government in KPK has an initial goal to give Sehat card to 50 per cent population of the province. The card will be applicable in selected government, and private hospitals and each family will have coverage of 540,000/- rupees annually. Total 1,800,000/- cards will be distributed initially. Till now approximately 1600000/- cards have been distributed. Till now treatment worth of 3,304,044,871/- rupees has been done through this card in KPK. Each family having maximum 8 people will be covered with 30000 rupees coverage on admitting to hospital maximum three times in a year.
Pregnancy and problems related to that are also covered in the sehat insaf card. Both normal delivery and C section included in the card. The newborn child will also register in the Sehat Insaf Card. Upon being admitted to the hospital every day, 250 rupees will be provided for 3 days under the head of wage loss to the patient. Upon delivery, 1000 rupees will be given to the mother and if the patient dies during the treatment 10000/- rupees will be paid to the family members.

In case of non-availability of the equipment or bed space, a patient is asked to go to another hospital in some other district; the sending hospital will pay 2000/- rupees as shifting expenses.
Upon being discharged from the hospital 5 days, medicine will be provided for free and after that one routine checkup will be done for free.
The expenses will be provided only if the patient is admitted and upon being admitted to the hospital no charges will be taken from the patient or his family. Sehat insaf card covers 7 critically dangerous diseases as well, heart diseases, accidents, cancer, kidney problems including dialysis, sugar problems and provides 300000 rupees for these diseases.

How to Register:

To know your eligibility visit nearest sehat insaf centre and provide your ID card and Nadara documents and details of your family members. If you are eligible, You will be informed about the details of your family after that you will be told that in case of any addition in the member of family or deduction of the member you have informed the sehat centre.
Finally, you will be provided with Sehat card and list of the hospitals, and please note that sehat card is free of cost, don’t pay anything during the process. For more detail, you can visit official web http://sehatsahulat.com.pk/


  1. slsir hum dono mina bivi heart pationt hain kindly sahat card issu kya jai

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    asalamalakam sir main our mari wife heart and suger pation hain hum dounou heart pation hain
    kindly humain sahat card issue karain

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