Selecto Demo Phones Flash Sale: Price, Warranty and Details


As Pakistan’s online market is establishing, there is much more you can grab than the things you do in the ordinary sale. Most specifically, the trend of buying a Smartphone online in Pakistan has gone to the next level as the things for netizens are just like one click away.  Keeping the demand of Smartphone enthusiast in view there are various sale and discount offers online to get the attention of the users.  One of the latest smartphones sales is brought you by Selecto Mobiles and it isn’t the ordinary sale you came across every other day.


This one-day sale will be kicking off from 9 pm to 12 am on 4th August and what it brings to the customers is ‘Demo Phones Flash Sale’. The first thing which would have come in a layman’s mind is what actually is a demo phone as this term is not something we came across daily in our lives.

What is a Demo Phone?

It is an original phone that isn’t refurbished or got in use of any person; it is actually a phone that was put on display in the centre and got a slight damage within that time. The phone has never been in the rigorous use of some person, it has just stayed within the premises of the display centre. The warranty of this phone may have run out but Selecto will be giving you a three-month warranty for the product. The phones in this sale are classified into two categories ‘A’ and ‘B’ as per their condition.


Here are FAQ’s you need to know about these Demo Phones Flash Sale:

What are Demo Phones?

Demo phone is a phone unit that is made available by phone stores for the customers in order to demonstrate the specifications before purchase.

Have they ever been taken out of the store?

No, demo phones have always been kept and used in store.

Is a Demo Phone better than a preowned Phone?

Yes. Unlike used phones, it wasn’t used day and night by a power user.

Do these phones have an official warranty?

No. Their official warranty has expired but we will list the problems with each phone and issue a 3 months Assurance Certificate.

Selecto Demo Phones Flash Sale


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