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What is Kiki challenge? Why is everybody doing it?

Social media isn’t the best of the places to be on but still, our young generation is all into it. What makes these platforms a place, not for everyone is the weird challenges and trends in it. Whether it had been Selfie, Dubsmash or Blue Whale Challenge, people just got stuck to all this unwillingly. These trends turn out addictions for many and at times all this can be even life-threatening as well. The selfie fever on the top of the mountains or in rivers caused dozens of lives across the globe. Up the latest, viral on social media is a Kiki Challenge in which you dance by coming out of your moving car, leaving the steering on its own.

The question which is making waves across the globe is from where this Kiki Challenge has actually come from and how it got to the fame?

This Kiki Challenge is also known as In My Feelings challenge, it came from the Drake’s latest chartbuster ‘In my Feelings’ as the comedian Shiggy posted a video of him dancing on this song while coming out of the car on move. As soon as the video of comedian dancing on social media went viral, thousands of people across the globe have filmed themselves dancing on the song while leaving the steering and car on move.

The authorities taking the action of this challenge have warned people from doing this as it can be life-threatening as well. Hundreds of people have made a failed attempt at doing this Kiki challenge as they ended up crashing into poles, falling into potholes or even falling on the roads.



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