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Top 10 Highest Paid Salaries in Pakistan


Money doesn’t matter. It matters a lot when choosing a career path, so money plays a major role. Most of the people have to rely on their jobs or business to get them to the top of financial leader.


Here are some highest paying jobs in Pakistan which are below:

1. Aviation Manager

Aviation manager ensures the safety and navigation of the airlines. The salary ranges from Rs.150, 000-575,000 per month.

2. Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountants are hired on the key positions which are related to financial affairs of an organisation like Chief Accountant, Auditor, CFO, Financial Analyst etc. employers offered highest salary packages if you have good command over Accountancy and Business. The salary ranges from Rs.85, 000-500,000 per month.

3. I.T Professional

I.T is the prominent Technologies in Pakistan which is practically contributing in every aspect of life. In the major cities of Pakistan, diverse software houses are working. There is huge more demand for I.T engineers nationwide, and internationally, therefore, software engineers are paid high as compare to other areas. The salary ranges from Rs.50, 000-500,000 per month.


4. Marketing Manager

In the success of organisation marketing is the most area for products and service growth. A marketing manager is a person who has control over the affairs of the organisation. The salary ranges from Rs.30,000-300,000 per month.

5. Mechanical Engineer

The mechanical engineer is accountable for analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of any mechanical system. Mechanical engineering is one of the best profession and highly paid field by the employers. The salary ranges from Rs.30, 000-225,000 per month.

6. HR Manager

The HR managers are primarily controlling for training, hiring, career development, compensation, compliance and employee relations to run the organisations operations smoothly. They have good salaries packages and incentive with their work performance in the organisation’s success. The salary ranges from Rs.35, 000-200,000 per month.

7. Telecom Engineer

The telecommunication is the fast emerging sector of Pakistan which is generating billions of rupees from their services on a daily basis. Telecom engineering sector is one of the best sectors to start a career in Pakistan. The salary ranges from Rs.35, 000-180,000 per month.

8. Project Manager

For the planning, procurement and execution of a project, the project manager is accountable to handle it. Project manager received a good remuneration and benefits for their roles and services. It is a highly paid job in Pakistan. The salary ranges from Rs.25, 000-160,000 per month.

9. Creative Designer

Creative Designing is one of the fastest growing careers all over the world and also in Pakistan. The creative designer is the person who introduces new fashion trends, stylish logos and new models etc. in the market. The salary ranges from Rs.20, 000-120,000 per month.

10. University Lecturer

Educational sector is the emerging sector in Pakistan even all over world. Lecturers who delivered lectures in their specialized subjects and receive attractive salaries packages in the educational sector of Pakistan. The salary ranges from Rs.30, 000-150,000 per month.

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