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Top 10 IT Companies in Lahore

(Last Updated On: 13/02/2018)

The IT world of today of Pakistan is far bigger than that of five to seven years ago. Today there are software houses in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. Pakistan IT industry is growing in term of freelancing, web development, designing, programming, database management and much more. Due to growth in culture of information technology in the country, most of the area of business even at government sectors are revamping into IT as per the modern day requirement.

NetSol Technologies

NetSol Technologies is one of the leading IT companies in Pakistan that is offering state of the art IT solutions in the finance and leasing industry with the universal applications and systems. These are designed to cater to niche businesses as big-ticket finance to commercial vehicle leasing.



Techlogix is another leading software consultancy company in Pakistan. Techlogix has a presence in other countries as well. Techlogix deals in financial services, IT governance, business intelligence and data warehousing, business process management, enterprise application integration, enterprise apps, software product engineering, etc.

System Pvt Ltd

System Pvt Ltd specialized in offering solutions of BPO, ERP, database management and BI services. In addition to Pakistan, it is offerings its IT business management solutions outside of the world as well.

Ovex Technologies

Today Ovex Technologies is one of the fast growing BPO solutions providers in the Pakistan. It is also listed among the leading exporter of IT products and solutions as well. Ovex Technologies is said to be one of the largest BPI solutions provider in the country.


Zepto Systems

Zepto Systems is expertized in database management, database development, programming, web designing, and various other IT solutions and products. This leading IT service provider is exporting its services to different other countries as well.

TRG Tech

TRG Tech is specialized in BPO services. TRG Tech has track recorder of over a decade in generating positive returns on each investment the company has made so far.


Kalsoft is known for providing state of the art IT solutions in the country. It offers an experience of excellence and prosperity to its clients and delivers the high-quality software solutions and consultancy services.


Arbisoft deals in rapid application development, automated data scraping and search analytics, mobile apps development and 3D games development. Arbisoft is also the solution provider of cloud technologies that are based innovative software systems.

Conrad Labs

Conrad Labs is a great place for startups as it assists them to get their ideas and dreams comes true. Conrad Labs started its services like research and development service providers and today it is dealing in excellent software solutions.

Mindstorm Studios

Mindstorm Studios is one of the largest game developers in Pakistan. Its games are designed for almost all platforms either PC or smartphones and even some are for gaming consoles as well. If you are passionate about making games, then Mindstorm Studios is a platform to craft your skills.

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