What Are The Top Social Problems Of Pakistan and Their Solutions?

Ever since Pakistan has been came into being we have been facing a number of problems in the shape of poverty, unemployment, crime, terrorism, injustice, child marriage, low status of women, rape, gender inequality at work and much more.

One of the biggest disadvantages of these social issues or you can say the losses that societies faces are that these unwanted social conditions if remain continues can be really harmful to the society. Since the date of creation, Pakistan is facing a large number of social issues.

We are now living in the era of globalisation and social media where nothing can remain hidden from the society for a longer period. It is the high time that Pakistani society gets relief from these unwanted social evils.

Major Social Issues

Although Pakistani society is facing some social issues but here we are going to describe some major social issues. These are being briefly discussed in below-mentioned list:

  • Caste system
  • Poverty
  • Child labour
  • Child marriage
  • Illiteracy
  • The low status of women
  • Gender inequality at work
  • Dowry system
  • Sati practice
  • Alcoholism
  • Superstition
  • Sanitation and cleanliness
  • Religious conflicts
  • Beggary
  • Juvenile delinquency

These were some of the main social issues in Pakistan that needs to be resolved on urgent basis. Even the startups can take these social issues on their agenda to solve and address them properly. Pakistan has to deal with these issues otherwise it will be difficult for us to sustain in this fast moving world where everything has proper policies and rights.

Due to continuance existence of these issues, Pakistan is being ranked low in most of the areas and basic human right is the biggest example of that.

Proposed Solutions

There are many organisations and NGOs and even government institutes that are dealing with most of the problems mentioned above. Each social issue has its own cause and needs to be resolved on immediate grounds. Some pragmatic solutions to overcome these social issues are given below:

Social Cures

  • Awareness by media
  • Financial security
  • Social justice
  • Fulfilment of basic needs
  • Providing food, cloth, shelter and education
  • Reforming schools as well as madrasahs education
  • Role of NGOs
  • The positive role of scholars and educationists and women
  • Development programs

Economic Cures

  • Business-friendly tax culture
  • The consistency of economic policies
  • Maximum incentives to local and foreign investors
  • Construction of dams
  • Exploring natural resources
  • Equal distribution of income
  • Strict accountability on fund utilisation
  • Technical and research-based education (more budget for education)
  • Search for new markets
  • Seeking peace to lower down defence budget

We have listed most of the social issues in the country along with proposed solutions. However, all of these problems and their solutions are directly and indirectly attached to the governance system that is very poor in the country. If we are really interested in solving all of these issues, then the country must have good governance system then these issues can easily be resolved.




Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi

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  • Aftab Shah on 25/10/2019

    Every district has 5/6 MAFIAS in business of politics.No change by charismatic #Bhuttos neither by corrupt #Sharifs nor by honest #ImranKhan ! Elected politicians are the one who use, misuse and abuse the Development funds and public exchequer.

  • Ruzinah Abu on 13/02/2019

    Nice work thank you it’s very helpful and i was writing down what you writing in here.

  • Habib nassar on 04/10/2018

    The weak and curropt system promote the use of such addiction in society and misperception regarding the drugs to be help full for psycholgical relation or to avoid the difficulties.
    The involment of students is very dangerous,In a posh area of karachi ,defence,police arrested an M.S degree holder from US who was selling the cristal\ shisha.he confessed that he had started the selling of Shisha after release from a local jail, cought in a case. so he got learned the crime in side the jail despite his reform.


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