WhatsApp message about Fuel Tank Explosion in Pakistan: True or False?

The advent of social media has just kept you one click away from the world or better to call it a global village. The person sitting on the North Pole can let the person residing on the South Pole know about what and how the life is at his place and that too being anonymous. It’s all thanks to social media where we can come across people we know or even don’t know. Apart from the dozens of perks and privileges of social media one necessarily to be mentioned backlash is the flow of hoaxes and fake news. The worst part is the ignorant people on social media without validating this misinformation, kept on sharing it as an obligation and it turned out to be some real con for the hundreds and thousands of people around.

Up the latest, a WhatsApp message is making waves on social media asking people not to fulfil the fuel tanks of their vehicles as it can cause an explosion due to summers here in Pakistan. It should be noted here temperature across Pakistan is ranging from high up to 40 to 46 centigrade and in places like Karachi it has come up with dozens of casualties, primarily due to the heat stroke. The latest public message revolving actually warns people from keeping the fuel tanks of their vehicle full as it can cause an explosion. It should be kept noted here the precautionary message is being spread as the official words from Pakistan State Oil (PSO).

After knowing about this matter, PSO has officially responded to the false message with telling that it poses no threat to get the vehicle oil tanks filled to the fullest.

PSO wrote on their Facebook Account: “Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has announced that filling fuel tank to its full capacity poses no threat of any kind to the cars or its passengers.

PSO made the statement after a Whatsapp message went viral over the past few days. The message falsely claimed that PSO had warned the public against filling fuel tanks to the full capacity in light of increasing temperatures.

The auto igniting temperature of petrol is way above the highest temperatures during summers in Pakistan. Filling your fuel tank to its full capacity poses no threat of any kind neither to the car nor to its passengers and is deemed completely safe and beneficial to the running of the car. #EveryJourneyBeginsHere #PSO #Publicservicemessage.”


Rana Hamza is local journalist from Multan and work for local news agency. He is also Feature Writer for Web.pk and very active in sports and showbiz news insights. He holds Masters in English Writing. Mashable Pakistans's Web Culture Reporter. Reach out to him on Twitter via email at hamza [at] web.pk. Hamza graduated from Emerson University of Multan in 2015.

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