2 Men Caught with 186 Kg of Frogs in Lahore : Trolled on Social Media

It has been for years now that the people of pacing threat regarding their health and diet. The people have become quite conscious about what they are eating and from where. The raids by the food authorities have made the things very clear that it is of utmost importance to choose the right foods and food items. The province of Punjab became the hub of the activities that included reports regarding the donkeys and dogs being used as the food raw materials. A number of people were found and punished in this context. The story did not come to a halt. Every day we come across news that is about such events. Hotels, restaurants, bakeries and food outlets are shut down for selling unhealthy health materials. Although it has become a common practice in the entire country but it is Punjab and especially Lahore that has become a constant target of the criticism.

The Frogs on Sale in Lahore:

The most recent happening that has become viral over social media is the case of 186 kgs of the frog. Two men were reportedly taking this huge weight of frogs to a place unknown. The police caught them red-handed. Soon after their arrest, the news spread like an epidemic. Without going into the depth the people started assuming that these frogs were meant for different food outlets. The news later turned out to be fake. The later investigations revealed that they were taking the frogs to the different educational institutions for the students who perform dissections. This truth is not enough to create a sensation on the internet.

The social media is full of memes and jokes regarding this happening. Instead of finding the real truth they are still making fun of the entire matter. This has become a national character. Using social media for such propaganda things is something that we consider as fun. It is important to understand that once anything is on social media it is global. The world can get the wrong image. It brings a bad name to the nation. The news can distract the agencies that have far more important tasks to do.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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