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The social media creators are always trying hard to make the things look better and more enjoyable for the users. One of the most commonly used social platforms is the whats app. Every day several messages in different formats are sent via this social network. It facilitates the account holder to share his status along with the images, videos and even audio messages with their special ones.

WhatsApp Company has now come up with an update of the said. With this new feature, the user can share the status on the Facebook account too. It took almost months to actually launch the feature. The creators tested this feature thoroughly for months. The early version of the feature was already introduced in many countries of the world.

This feature was introduced for the Whatsapp version 2.19.258. Although the things are not made official yet. At the same time, there are announcements from the officials that people all over the globe will enjoy this feature in the near feature. This updated version with this amazing feature is not available for the European countries but those in the Asian continent can move to this version by updating the existing app on their gadgets. The Asian residents can update it directly.

As it is a new feature, therefore the people have so many queries and concerns. To facilitate the users the developers have started an FAQ page too. The page guides the users about how to share the WhatsApp status on their respective Facebook account. The status will appear as the Facebook story once it is shared there. Thus, it will be possible to enjoy the whats app status with your friends who are not with you on the Whatsapp.

The users can make use of this feature and share their status via Facebook if they take up the task of updating as soon as possible. The process begins updating the Whatsapp first. At this moment it gives the option “Share to Facebook Story”. There is a button with the share option just below that. After clicking this option the user sees the option of the forums where he can actually share. They being Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram. Once they tap on the FaceBook option the status will appear there.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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