5 Pakistani Featured on Forbe 30 under 30 Asia List

There is another moment of pride for the people of Pakistan. Forbes publishes a list of 30 inspiring youth from all over the world. this US business journal through these lists wants to tell the world that in order to bring a change you don’t need to be a grown-up or extensively experienced. It is possible even when you are young. All it requires is the zeal and zest to move ahead towards a designed goal. This year five extraordinary Pakistani youth have made their place into the list titled “30 under 3” these five extraordinary youngsters are as follows:

Zain Ashraf:

Zain Ashraf is included among the Social Entrepreneur category for his efforts in creating Seed Out which is Pakistan’s first crowd-funding platform that helps entrepreneurs with interest-free micro-financing. It is a platform to help out young entrepreneurs. It is a crowd funding organization that has so far helped in fundraising for 538 emerging entrepreneurs. Last year, Ashraf also won the Commonwealth Youth Award for his efforts in development work.

Zain Ashraf is the brain behind Seed Out, a social enterprise …

Zain Ashraf is the brain behind Seed Out, a social enterprise working for poverty alleviation.Apply now for 25 under 25:

Posted by TechJuice on Monday, December 4, 2017

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Founder & President of Seedout, Zain Ashraf Mughal speaking on…

Founder & President of Seedout, Zain Ashraf Mughal speaking on the annual fundraising dinner of Seed Out#300andstillcounting #seedout

Posted by Seed Out on Monday, November 6, 2017

Laila Kasuri:

In science and healthcare category Leila Kasuri made her name for her project based on water. She is a water analyst and is part of a number of national and international organizations working for the pollution free world. World Bank, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and the UC Davis Centre Watershed Sciences on climate-smart irrigation and floods.

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Karishma Ali:

Karishma is the president and founder of Chitral Women’s Sports Club in towns in KPK and the only female football player from the area playing at national and international club level. She recently represented Pakistan in Jubilee Games in Dubai and led Pakistan’s women team that participated for the first time in the AFL International Cup. She was selected in Entertainment and Sports category.

Zainab Bibi:

The name Zainab Bibi was included in the list of the young environment lovers for she started the Pakistan Society for Green Energy. The idea was to recycle the essential disposed materials around us like the tissue papers into biofuels. She started off her journey back in 2013 and was also conferred upon the popular Queen’s Young Leaders Award 2016. Founding member of Pakistan Society For Green Energy (PSGE), Zainab made her way into the Forbes list of ’30 Under 30’ list under Industry, Manufacturing & Energy category

Ahmed Rauf Essa:

Telemart is one of its kind e-commerce platform that was founded by Ahmed Rauf Essay. It also extends the services of online shopping. Hence, the founder’s name was included in the category of Retail & E-commerce.the company has an extensive wholesale channel which caters to more than 500 dealers online.

YouTube video
YouTube video

Roshni Rides:

Roshni Rides – Pakistan’s only startup business that made it to the Forbes’ list. Roshni Rides is a female-friendly carpooling service founded by Hanaa Lakhani, Hasan Usmani, Gia Farooqi and Moneeb Mian.

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