Ali Zafar Breakdown in Tears over Sexual Allegations by Meesha Shafi

Sexual harassment is a serious crime if proven and people who are involved in it need to be punished accordingly.

There are people who go through sexual harassment on a daily basis which can be either at work or while traveling or at dinner or anywhere else. People are now openly talking about the sexual harassment case including some of the celebrities who have come forward to openly express their sexual harassment cases. One such case that has been making the headlines is the sexual harassment case that was filed by Pakistani singer Meesha Shafi against singer Ali Zafar.

Though Zafar has denied all the charges issued by Meesha against him, the latter has been stringent that the whole scenario is true and is not made up. The case has been going on for over a year now with the decision coming in Ali Zafar’s favor that there have been no proofs found related to the sexual harassment claim by Meesha Shafi. However, despite that, Ali Zafar says that he has been targeted by Meesha Shafi and her team through social media and a negative social media campaign is being run against him in a bid to end his career.

Ali Zafar accused Meesha Shafi of contacting companies and tagging those companies on social media with whom Ali Zafar is working. The main aim of this social media campaign according to Zafar is to malign him so that companies including United Nations who are working with him can stop working with him. Zafar says that the whole process is being done in order to end his career and this is why he wants everyone to take sexual harassment claims seriously as it can end life long careers of people in no time. Ali Zafar has already filed a case in court to compensate for the loss that he and his family suffered due to these allegations.



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