Meesha Shafi Interview After #MeToo Movement Strike

The ongoing saga between Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar is hidden from no one. The case has been going on for the last one year when Meesha Shafi alleged Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. The two have worked together at Pepsi Battle of the Bands, one of the most prestigious music hunt of the country. Recently in an interview, Ali Zafar accused Meesha Shafi of targeting him through social media by running a campaign against him so that his career can come to end. Zafar said that companies with whom he is working are being contacted by Meesha Shafi or are being tagged in posts which are causing serious problems to his career.

Meesha Shafi has hit back at Ali Zafar saying that you didn’t find me crying when I was receiving all the backlash. Meesha said that when she came up with the sexual harassment claim against Zafar, she had to go through a lot where people were assassinating her character and she was facing all kind of backlash that she could face, but she fought. Meesha Shafi said that at first she did not want to escalate this thing too much and wanted to end the topic in private. The matter, however, couldn’t be resolved in private between the two parties and that is why she came up with this issue.

Shafi said that she had told Ali Zafar that she did not want any type of controversy and hence it’s better to solve the issue behind doors. However, when she got no success, she had no other option but to file a case against him for his behavior. Meesha said that she has a number of witnesses who can come to court to record their statement. Not only this, now there are other women as well who are speaking against Ali Zafar regarding his behavior and are have put allegations of sexual conduct on him.

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