Amna Atiq Suicide : Victim of Domestic Abuse

It has become a common practice in our society that the girls commit suicide after facing hard times in their families. Life becomes so challenging for them that the frustration and depression compel them to take away their own lives. The story of the married girls is fraught with a number of problems. On one hand, she has to fight the in-laws especially when they are not ready to accept her and on the there are her own parents who refuse to support their divorced daughter without thinking that it is better to have a divorced daughter rather than the dead one.

Amna Atiq Another Victim of Domestic Abuse:

Amna Atiq was a popular beauty blogger. She also owned the popular eyelashes brand Bonitaaz. The news of her untimely demise shocked her fans. The later reports mentioned that it was a case of suicide following the stress that arose out of the continuous depression. The law enforcement agencies are still looking for the right cause. The social media, on the other hand, is filled with the news that she actually committed suicide. The death was officially announced by her company Bonitaaz.

Soon after the news broke out, her close friends and those who knew her started sharing posts. The posts clearly mentioned that this was a case of domestic abuse. Her social media followers have seen her painful stories are very often. These stories told how she was treated by the two major males in her life being her husband and the father. When she decided to leave her husband her father threatened her of killing her.

The lesson to remember by Amna Atiq:

The entire story has one message for all of us and that is to listen to what they are saying. It is for Allah’s sake if we help someone in pain. This will save them from grief and would prevent them from taking actions like committing suicide. The responsibility of parents is also manifold. They need to understand that their daughter is nature’s blessing for them. She is someone very special. The parents cannot disown their daughters after getting married. If they share some grief or pain the parents need to deal with it seriously instead of asking them to compromise. This incidence has come up with a great message and that is to let the divorced daughter come to your home instead of receiving a dead daughter.

Amna Atiq Live Session Before Suicide:

YouTube video
YouTube video
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Few days back! Another girl committed suicide! #AmnaAtiq was a blogger who came live on an FB group nd told the girls that she wants a divorce from her abusive husband but she can’t because she has no support from her family… first of all, please stop taking people so lightly. If a person is depressed and indirectly asking for help through their social media posts… PLEASE DO SOMETHING… try to help them. Dont blame them for attention seeking and for Allah’s sake normalize divorce… she died and our society is a killer, people are okay with their daughters staying in an abusive relationship, they always ask their daughters to adjust because “LARKY AISY HE HOTE HAI” and if the woman got divorce then she is responsible or the fault is hers… I am really sorry for Amna Atiq… Yet another life lost due to this cruel world.

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