Imran Khan Advocates Islam and Kashmir in the United Nations

The most awaited speech of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan turned out to be the most talk about speech in just few hours after it was actually delivered. On Friday, the Prime Minister of Pakistan addressed the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. This more than 40 minutes speech is believed to have impacted the global thought very powerful. The time on was so productively utilized that all the key issues were addressed and advocated very impressively. From the environmental crisis to the Kashmir issues his words revealed that he was very clear about what he was doing and what he was actually saying on a forum as powerful as the United Nations. The extemporaneous speech with the glorification of the name of the Allah Almighty and the Prophet PBUH). He very clearly mentioned that it was the significance of the issues that he has taken up that has brought him to the UN.

Healthy Environment:

The PM highlighted the significance of a healthy and clean future for the globe. He mentioned how the climatic change is impacting upon the lives of the people. He quoted the condition of the glaciers and rivers in Pakistan. He said that he fears the worst of all catastrophes in the shape of climatic change. Besides telling about the efforts of his government in this regard he asserted that a change in this context requires not merely words but a combined action.


It is for the first time that Islamophhobia was brought to the international forum in such a powerful manner. He was too open to criticize the anti hijab policies and the European mindset regarding Islam. He defended the right of the Muslim women to do hijab. He firmly supported the idea that Islam is not a religion of bloodshed. He quoted that what Tamils did in Sri Lanka or Japanese did or what the Burmese Muslims are facing is actually terrorism. He expressed the deep love of the Muslims for their Prophet (PBUH). He was too open to comment that no act to disgrace the Prophet can be tolerated.

Money Laundering:

The Prime Minister said that the West welcome the money that the corrupt brought to their banks by looting their own national assets. It was a financial strength for them but a loss for the countries like Pakistan.

Kashmir Issue:

The PM advocated Kashmir successfully. He brought to light the months’ long curfew, the military atrocities, maltreated women and children, and the Indian government’s cruelty. He emphasized on the repercussions of this situation in the region and told UN that it is their responsibility now to prevent the escalation of the possible nuclear war. He said that if the nation is giving an option, being a Muslim and the staunch believer of Allah they would step forward to support the innocent Kashmir is.

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