ARY Digital Drama Serial “Bhool” Cast, Story & OST

We live in a society where nothing is forgiven or forgotten at the same time. There is nothing like Bhool in our lives and that is the name of the new drama serial at ARY Digital. The latest drama from ARY revolves around the mistakes that are made by women and how no one ever forgets those mistakes and keeps on rubbing it back on the face of the women. This is the reason why the drama has been named as Bhool which means forget.

The cast of Drama SerialBhool“:

The drama stars Saheefa Jabbar in the lead role while other actors in the drama serial include Affan Waheed and Saboor Aly. The drama is written by Ali Moeen.


Story of Drama SerialBhool“:

The drama revolves around Saheefa Jabbar who is the only girl in her entire family to go to university. At her time in university she falls in love with Affan Waheed who belongs to a rich family. The problem is that Saheefa is from a conservative family who oppose the idea of love marriage. Her mother selects a guy for arrange marriage and Saheefa doesn’t have any say in this. Both Saheefa and Affan set off for their love marriage and this is when the whole trouble starts for them.

Their parents are not accepting them and the one mistake is being not forgiven at all. They have to bear the brunt of it for their whole lives even when their daughter Saboor Aly is all grown up. The drama has a lot of ups and downs and more interesting phases will be revealed as we progress further into the drama. Directed by Mohsin Mirza, the drama shows how people can hold on to one of your mistakes and keep it as a grudge for lifetime and are not even on talking terms as well.

OST of Drama Serial “Bhool” :

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The Teaser of Drama Serial “Bhool”:

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