Asia 2nd Largest Steel Bridge in Pakistan

As the old government of Pakistan. Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz is believed to have benefitted the country in terms of building infrastructure in the country at a massive level. One such example is the completion of Asia’s second-largest steel bridge. The completion of this project has come in the tenure of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Government their opponents which deprived them of taking its credit to a level they deserve. Other important facts about the current Projects include that the current project is completed with the help of Japan at DG Khan. It is Asia’s second-largest bridge with eight steel bridges has been made of open for public at the high way point of N70 to add ease in the life of People.

The location at which this project has completed is not believed to be an ideal workplace and it was one of the challenges for the contractor in completion of this project. Also, the name of the location is Multan – Qila Saifullah at Girdu Hills. This project has added in the long network of motorway in Pakistan. Many people criticized the previous government that they have invested heavily in infrastructure projects but on the cost of loans and have put more pressure on the economy.

This criticism was challenged by the argument that it is the world wide practice to do so. Whatever the consequences these kinds of projects will have in the future. The important thing is that it will be giving benefit to the locals in traveling through that area and will help them reach places difficult to reach Also this project is believed to help promote tourism at that place as the current project has been completed near Fort manore a famous tourist site of the Area.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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