Mohsin Abbas Haider Found Guilty of Assaulting Wife

Just a couple of months ago, Mohsin Abbas Haider was one of the most respected actors of the country but since then things have changed a lot. The actor was accused by her wife of cheating and physically assaulting her all the time. His wife, Fatima Sohail, said that Moshin would assault her and she had kept quiet for a long time now but not anymore. And it looks as if Farima was right with her claims as a Lahore session court has given its verdict in favor of Fatima Sohail saying that the actor is guilty of threatening his wife during the hearing of violence and fraud case.
Fatima in her case has said that she has been suffering violence and torture from Mohsin Abbas since 2015 and she has kept quiet all this time but not anymore. Fatima had said that Mohsin also took Rs. 5 million from her father and when she asked him to return the money she was assaulted as well. Fatima had also filed a fraud case against Mohsin Abbas but he received a clean chit from the court in the fraud case but he could not get the same result in the assault case that has been brought forward by his wife.

Mohsin has been denying all the allegations that have been put forward by her wife saying that a crying woman doesn’t always speak the truth. He was also disappointed in all the people who have been saying against him as they don’t even know the true story. Mohsin was also accused by her wife of having an affair with another woman while the two were happily married. It needs to be seen what the story turns out to be but one thing is sure that Mohsin has been found guilty of assaulting his wife.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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