Box Office: ‘Talash’ vs ‘Ford v. Ferrari’

This weekend we saw a huge opening of the box office with two most talked movies, a James Mangold directed movie ‘Ford v. Ferrari’ and a Pakistani release ‘Talash’ at cinemas nationwide. Whereas, Talash started with some newcomers of our industry starring Noaman Sami, Ahmed Zeb, and Farriya Hassan, this movie revolves around the three medical students and how they were sent to remote a village in interior Sindh while Ford v. Ferrari is a theatrical and critical movie which stars two biggest actors of Hollywood Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

The box office outcomes for both of the movies were predictable thus Ford v. Ferrari was over the weekend following the opening numbers which were amazingly similar to Talash.

Let’s have a detailed look at Talash and Ford v. Ferrari’s box office.


The starrers Ahmed Zeb, Farriya Hassan, and Noaman Sami movie Talash winded up it’s opening domestically with a low number. The Big growth of the movie was missing over the weekend as the movie needed to grow well. It opened with approximately PKR 1 million on Friday and has closed its opening over the weekend with PKR 3.4 million. As we can have an idea, the film couldn’t grow well but the plus point is we didn’t see any drop either. Last month there was a drop in Durj and Kaaf Kangna release but we didn’t see something as such happened to Talash. Somehow, the movie managed to have some growth on Saturday which is again a bonus point against Durj and Kaaf Kangna. The total first weekend gain of the box office is PKR 3.4 million.

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Ford v. Ferrari

This was a huge production from Hollywood but somehow has the same opening numbers to the Pakistani movie Talash on Friday with movie scoring about PKR 1.03 million approximately. While Ford v. Ferrari gained a massive score on Saturday with a positive indication of PKR 1.7 million and then a huge settled on Sunday with PKR 1.47 million. The total numbers for the weekend box office are 4.2 million that is a low number as compared to the movie worth.

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