Ilyas Umer – Defender of the Holy Quran in Norway Incident

A video on social media went viral in which a Norway man named Lars Thorsen was trying to burn the copy of the glorious Holy Quran during an anti-Islam rally campaign last week in Norway. The group which held the rally was named ‘Stop the Islamization in Norway’ (SIAN) in which the copy of the glorious Holy Quran was burnt under the warnings of police officials. Of which, Pakistan demanded the ambassador of Norway to the Foreign Office (FO) on Saturday to dispatch a deep concern of the government and people of the country under the volition of the glorious Holy Quran burning incident. The incident happened in an anti-Islamic rally in Norway city of Kristiansand despite warnings from police.

A Norway person who was trying to burn the copy of the glorious Holy Quran was interrupted by a Muslim man being called as ‘Ilyas Umer’ on social media however, his identity is not confirmed yet and hailed as ‘Muslim Hero’ and ‘Defender of the Holy Quran’ by every Muslim out there on social media. In the video, we can see the brave man jumping over the fence and kicking the Norway man to save the glorious Holy book. However, was interrupted by the police and took both of them into custody. Indeed, Allah SubhanuWatallah chose him for the protection of His Holy Book. People are praising and praying for blessings upon him for this bravery.

Many celebrities, scholars, and other famous faces praised Ilyas for his this great act of bravery. DG ISPR (Director General Inter-Services Public Relations) Major General Asif Ghafoor also praised the act performed by Ilyas and saluted the brave Muslim for saving the Holy Book from burning while Cricketer Shahid Afridi lauded the brave Ilyas and demanded Norway government to step in and take actions against this discourtesy. The Twitter trends #TheGloriousHolyQuran #DefenderoftheHolyQuran #Ilyas #Norway are trending in Pakistan. We as Muslims are manifesting that we are proud of ‘Ilyas’ for attacking the racist who was trying to burn the Holy Quran, last but not the least NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES, SO DOES ILYAS!

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Arooj Ahmed
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