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CJP Khosa’s Statement to Punish Those Who Deliver False Testimony

Prime Minister Imran Khan appreciated Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa’s statement. The top judge gave warning to those who give false testimonies, reporting that the court would start a journey towards the truth.

Imran Khan welcomed JCP’s statement for punishing those who deliver false testimony,” stated Prime Minister Khan via his tweet. “‘Journey towards truth’ is known as a journey leading towards Naya Pakistan.”

“The Nations are great because they own a higher value system. Muslims have a civilization based on the State of Medina with truthfulness which is the core value,” the PM added.

CJP Khosa stated that the “journey towards the truth” will take strict action against those criminals who found to be giving false testimony in court cases.

The statement was reported as the chief justice rejected a murder case after it was leaked out that it was highly dependent on a false testimony delivered by a police officer.

The people have to be beware now who have given false testimonies. We have started a journey towards the truth from today 4th March 2019,” the chief justice reported.

It is only the menace of perjury and false witness which have destroyed the country’s criminal justice system. Because of this how many innocent people have suffered or became a victim. We can never realize how many innocent people had to suffer.

Now criminals are scot free while innocent people are suffering mentally, physically, and financially as well. Islam considers false witness and false speech as major sins after shirk (idolatry) as well as disobedience towards parents. That’s why everyone including PM hoped that the CJP will make it sure that his plan to destroy perjury will be successful.

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