Demand for Change in Name for Drama Kun Faya Kun

Controversies are quite common in the entertainment industry and these controversies can be quite problematic if they are a relation to religion as well. One such problematic situation has come up where the latest drama serial of HUM TV is under fire for the name of it. The new drama serial titled Kun Faya Kun is under hot waters for its name as the name of the drama serial has been derived from the verses of Holy Quran and this has certainly not gone well with a lot of people who are demanding that the name of the drama serial should be changed.

The new drama serial has seen only one episode that was aired on HUM TV on 4th July and now people are demanding that the name of the drama serial should be changed or they will not allow the drama to run on TV. The problem with the name of the drama serial is that it is taken from the verses of the Holy Quran and using verses of the Holy Book in the entertainment industry is not going well. This is why it has been asked that the name of the drama should be changed so that it doesn’t have the verses of the Holy Book in it.

The drama serial is featuring Imran Abbas in the lead role where he is working opposite to the beautiful Zarnish Khan and Alizeh Shah. The drama serial is written by Qaisera Hayat and is directed by Illyas Kashmiri. The drama has got amazing response from the teasers to the trailers and to the first episode till date. But it needs to be seen how the makers of the drama will respond to this issue of name change or whether they will continue to use the same name for the drama.



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