Dr. Abdus Salam’s Documentary “Salam Nobel Laureate” on Netflix

Pakistan is the country of genius. A number of great minds have proved their worth in the last few decades. These names were recognized as the miracle makers in the world of science, literature, arts, creativity and social work. Some of these were even awarded for their endless endeavors and performance. One most prominent name among these is the great Dr. Abdus Salam. A physicist by profession is known for his achievements in the world of physics. He brought Pakistan fame and recognition. He is also the first-ever Pakistani to win a Nobel Prize in recognition of his services in the field of physics. His struggle and success is an example for those who think that life has very little for them and they cannot reach what they think to do in their life.

Recently, a biopic has been created in his life. This documentary is now available for the viewers on Netflix. This documentary also received the award for being the Best Documentary Feature earlier this year. It is great news for the viewers of Netflix who want to learn about the lives of the great men around us. The documentary begins with the early days of his life. In the opening part, his life as a child and then as a young lad is described. The genius and brilliance were both seen when he was too young. This proves his tendency to grow into a successful man. As the film moves ahead the audience enjoys his development as a scientist. At every step, the viewer comes across something really new happening in his professional life which itself is so amazing. Life as a scientist is full of achievements, creativity, adventure, and novelty.

This documentary is directed by Anand Kamalkar from New York. Netflix released it on the first of October this year. There are some sensitive issues in the life of the Nobel laureate but still, he has dealt with them in a very professional way. This great man from Pakistan won the Nobel Prize back in 1979 and became the first-ever Pakistani to become an epitome in the world of science.

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