Dua Mangi First Statement After Returning Home

The name Dua Mangi was recently in the highlights as she was abducted from Karachi while she was with her friend Haris and walking on the road when armed men abducted her and took her away. The incident got the hype when Dua Mangi’s cousin posted about her kidnapping on social media. Dua Mangi is the niece of Aijaz Mangi, who is a famous Sindhi poet and columnist. Dua was a law student and she has a keen interest in feminism, human rights, progressive politics, and current affairs. Dua was with his friend Haris and out of nowhere some armed men came and took her, not only this, but her friend Haris was shot by them and he is in ICU.

20 years old Dua Mangi was kidnapped from Khyaban-e-Bukhari of Karachi Defence Housing Authority on November 30. Fortunately, Dua came back on Friday night (December 6, 2019) and her uncle confirmed that she is alright. The family has said a clear no to talk about anything or to discuss this matter further. In the meantime, people slut-shamed Dua a lot and not only this they criticized her dressing also that she deserves this because her dressing is inappropriate. Her family denied giving any ransom, but police said that a handsome amount is given as ransom.

The police of Karachi has claimed that they had a shootout with the kidnappers, at that time they didn’t know that something like this will happen. The truth is still unknown. Some say that her ex-fiance has done this while some say that her family background was good that is why people abducted her to get some money as ransom. One cannot predict the next move of her family and the government, but one should be really careful while posting something like this on social media as it can give signals to the kidnappers. The task has to be done with care so it won’t harm the victim and his family. Let’s pray for the safety of every girl out there and for the speedy recovery of Haris.

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