Sanna Marin : The Youngest Prime Minister of the World

Sanna Marin formerly was the transport minister of Finland but over the weekend she stood to win elections to become the new Prime Minister of Finland via the Social Democratic Party. She will be the youngest Prime minister; not only of Finland but also of the entire world and will be the youngest Prime Minister in the history of the Governments. Once she takes the oath on Tuesday 11th December 2019, she will be the youngest sitting Prime Minister of the world. Sanna Marin is writing history by becoming one of the youngest Prime Minister that any country has in the world.

However, Sanna Marin will be the third female political leader of Finland, and nothing is shocking about Marin becoming a Prime Minister. But, what is shocking is that she is just 34 years old and is already running a major country. Sanna Marin is replacing the former Prime Minister Rinne who stepped down from his Prime Minister post last week. Sanna Marin is a talented politician who is famous in Finland for her amazing political skills. Her main goal as a Prime Minister of Finland will be to speak about and do something about climate change, to make healthcare situations better in her country and to reach out to young people, inspire then towards becoming successful for themselves and for their country. She will also do her best to cease the rising populism in Finland and protecting her country any harm and from rivals like Trump.

Sanna Marin will be the youngest Prime Minister of Finland and of the world, and that means she will beat the 35-year-old Ukrainian Prime Minister who is Oleksiy Honcharuk who beat New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who is currently 39 years old. However, Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin both have a thing in common that both are new mothers of beautiful baby girls. Sanna Marin has become a symbol of inspiration for many young aspiring politicians (especially young women) that they too can come to the top if they are true to their profession, themselves and most importantly; true to their country.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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