German Embassy Supports Ban on Plastic Bags in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan under the motivated and committed leadership of the Prime Minister Imran Khan right from the first day was motivated to make a clean and green Pakistan. To fulfill the dream the government has taken revolutionary steps to combat the problems that are causing the environmental issues including the excessive tree cutting and the plastic bags above all. The recent step among these was declaring Islamabad, the federal capital a no plastic bag zone. The administration aims to make Islamabad plastic-free in the next 45 days. To facilitate the government of Pakistan, the German Embassy has joined hands too.

As a gesture of goodwill the representatives from the German Embassy distributed cloth made bags in a school in the Capital. The act was just the foundation stone to let the kids know that polythene bags are not the right solution for a healthy environment.

The news was made public on Tuesday after the Embassy posted the photographs of their activity on their respective Twitter account. The photographs revealed that the staff was welcomed by with open arms wherever they went in the city. The photographs highlighted their visit to public places like the parks, markets, and public sector schools and colleges.

The post stated that after imposing a ban on all kinds of hazardous plastic bags in the city the embassy people have extended their support by distributing the plastic bags in the most visited public areas of Aabpara market and the Blue Area. The embassy emphasized that there is a dire need to promote the concept of nature-friendly reusable things to make the environment clean and healthy.

It is indeed a great step to overcome the environment-related problems. This venture of avoiding the plastic bags and switching to biodegradable stuff is really appreciable.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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