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Government Launches The Whistleblower Protection and Vigilance Commission Act


Corruption is on the rise in the country and Prime Minister Imran Khan is doing everything he can in order to curb corruption and bring back the looted money. There are several measures that the PTI led government has already taken in order to reduce and curb corruption in the country specifically in different institutions that have right now become the hub of corruption. The officials in the government department are high on corruption doing simple work for a bribe as well. As part of the efforts, the government has introduced the Whistle Blower Protection and Vigilance Commission Bill 2019.


The new bill introduced by the government is aimed to motivate people to speak up against corruption. The motive is that people who will whistle blow the corruption that is going on they will be given protection and will be given the reward as well. The reward for the people will be 20% of the looted money that is recovered, a huge amount as corruption cases in Pakistan are usually in billions. The government said that the main aim is to encourage people to speak up against corruption and find people who are looting the money of the country so that these people can be punished and the whistleblower can be rewarded.

The government has asked people to let them know about any corruption going on in the government departments and as a return get the reward as well. The new bill will also ensure that the name and identity of the person who is whistleblowing are kept as a secret and there is protection given to the person as well. This particular program is a special program that has started on the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan who will be closely monitoring the whole program are on his own as well.


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WhistleBlower Protection And Vigilance Commission Act 2019


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