Government Plans Crackdown Against Fairness Creams

The use of fairness creams is quite common nowadays as different fairness creams are coming in the market. While there are some good fairness creams available, there are some substandard creams also available. And now the government has decided that it will have a crackdown against all the substandard fairness creams that are being sold in the market. The decision has been taken to take action against these cream producers as they are causing damage to the skin rather than improving the skin condition with the main aim being that of fairness. The crackdown against the fairness cream makers was announced by State Minister for Climate Change Zartaj Gul.

Speaking at a press conference, the state minister said that the companies are now adding an excessive amount of mercury in their fairness creams. This excessive addition of mercury damages the skin and makes it vulnerable to diseases. The minister said that the manufacturers of such creams are peeling of the skin as they sell these creams for ten rupees which in return affects the overall skin condition. These creams give only part-time benefits and play a major role in causing serious damage to the skin in the long run.

Zartaj Gul said that they will be making legislation in this regard and then they will have a go after such companies by the end of this year. The government carried tests of 57 international and local fairness creams out of which only three fairness creams met the standards while all the other were below standards. All these creams had excessive mercury content in them. People have complained that their skin freshened up when they start to use these creams but as soon as they stop using it, their skin starts to get damaged which is due to the manufacturing process of these creams.


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