Hum Tv Drama Serial “Naqab Zan” Cast, Story & OST

Over time we have seen different actors and actresses playing a powerful role in a drama serial that has been applauded by many. A similar performance is expected to come up in the drama serial Naqab Zun which will star the likes of Saboor Aly, Hajra Yamin, Ali Abbas, and Ali Ansari in the lead role. The new drama serial will be televised on HUM TV where Saboor Aly will be seen playing a powerful role of a rape victim, something that is becoming quite common in our society. Saboor Aly has already garnered huge support in her previous projects as well.

The BTS of the drama serial has been making headlines since Ramazan as the star cast shared the BTS on their social media handle. This is why people have been anticipating the drama for some time now. Hajra Yamin talking about the drama said that this drama is different from the other dramas that you see on your screen. It doesn’t have a typical script to it.

Cast of Drama Serial “Naqab Zan” :

Cast in the drama which revolves around me, Saboor Aly, and Ali Abbas. In the drama, Hajra and Ali Abbas are husband and wife while Saboor Aly is the sister of Hajra Yamin.

Story of Drama Serial “Naqab Zan”:

As the story unfolds, more character is introduced in the drama serial. Saboor Aly talking about the drama said that she met different rape victims of real-life and learned about their stories. Saboor said that she did all this before taking up the role and she was inspired by the experience that these rape victims go through and decided to opt for this role in order to create awareness against this problem in our society. The drama serial will definitely be the one to watch out as it will give awareness against rape as well.

OST of Drama Serial “Naqab Zan” :

YouTube video

The Teaser of Drama Serial “Naqab Zan”:

YouTube video

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