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Imran Khan Inaugurates Road to Makkah Project

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have really close ties and both the countries are working together in order to improve their relationship further. In order to improve it, both countries often give unconditional support that is usually not given to other countries in order to solidify their friendship. The Saudi government in this regard has decided to include Pakistan into the Road to Makkah project through which the Hajj pilgrims in Pakistan will be able to get their immigration clearance from Pakistani airports only. Pilgrims now won’t have to take the immigration from Saudi Arabia airports as it will be done in Pakistan only.

The Road to Makkah project will be a big convenience for the people of Pakistan and will also save a lot of time in the process. The Prime Minister of Pakistan officially inaugurated the Road to Makkah Project in Islamabad when the first flight of Hajj pilgrims departed from Pakistan. Imran Khan was given details of the project which is a gift from the Saudi government to Pakistan so that the people can benefit from it. It is expected that 22,000 Hajj pilgrims from Pakistan this year will benefit from the facility that the Saudi government has given as part of the Road to Makkah project.

The pilgrims in the first flight were also given polio drops so that they could be given clearance to proceed their journey to the Holy Land. Saudi officials have already arrived in Islamabad in order to set up special counters at the airport in order to give the immigration clearance to the people of Pakistan. the facility of immigration clearance has right now started in Islamabad only but it is expected that the facility will be available in the other airports of the country as well including Karachi and Lahore.

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