Jamiat for Students

Jamiat Arabic words which means organization. When this word ORGANIZATION is connected with students, it forms the word “student organization”.

Student organization are organization that work for students’ rights and facilities. Currently, there are numerous student organization but each of them is connected with their own political party, like PSF with PPP and APMSO with MQM. None of this non-political due to which the problems have created that result in the banning of student unions.

Student unions are an amalgamation of student organizations. It consists of the working committee and directors from each organization. The workers work together to connect the students of an education institute with the administration.

The main purpose of student unions and organizations is to give students education about politics and voting.

Although, they flourished in their time before the rule of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who used other organizations to come into power by exciting students and then devalued them and created student faction of Pakistan Peoples’ Party. That thing brought governmental politics in organizations which resulted in extremism and roaring their ideologies allowed to divert the mindsets of students from scientific and broad-minded thinking to religion and measurement of good and bad deeds.

That gave a chance to Zia ul Haq to ban all unions and made the country to follow the right’s ideology. In his time, unions were supporting left’s ideology because he brought strict laws and Islamism with him and Left’s ideology is all about freedom and independence. This thought, thus, troubled him; therefore, he banned them and imprisoned leaders and known figures of them.

However, it did not work. In fact, it resulted in protests and a movement against military rule that gave rise to Faiz Ahmed Faiz and other men of letters who wrote against captivation.

The student union is the most element of our society. It gives awareness to students about their rights and builds their interest in politics which is also important. Moreover, it resists extremism. Its absence and lose control are the source of extremism and Islamization and these two are corroding our institutes today as well. The case of Nimarta, Mashal Khan, Junaid Hafeez, and other students are in front of us.

On the 29th of November, there was the successful execution of Student Solidarity March in big cities of Pakistan in which students participated and roared their slogans to get their rights.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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