Zara Noor Abbas Talk about Asad Siddiqui’s Proposal

We all know about Zara Noor and Asad Siddiqui, and we all adore their couple goals but do you know how the two tied knot in 2017?

Unlike usual weddings in which groom and bride would take months and sometimes years to carry out formalities, families of both public figures agreed for marriage within four to five weeks. Asad Siddiqui proposed the lady with the help of Sajal Ali, Asim Azhar two days before her flight at the seaside because she refused to go for dinner with him. Sajal and Asim were present at the shore when he proposed her.

On the last day before the flight, Asad’s sister and parents came at going-to-be-bride’s house with “tokris” and baskets to talk about their fixation. Zara’s father was shocked to see this because the daughter was unable to tell them in such a short time. She even asked Asad to wait, but he did not listen to her. At the same time, khala Jaan- Bushra Ansari, came on video chat and talked about Asad’s proposal. She told them about his family and regarded him as her own son.

The family of Zara, then, nodded on the proposal and finalized everything in a month. The engagement was celebrated with family and friends, and the lady turned in to Mrs after few months.

Zara and Asad’s wedding has many functions: dholki, Sangeet, Nikkah and Reception. Dholki and Sangeet were private and straightforward. Zara wore green and pink saree on her Mehndi and Asad wore black kurta shalwar with a shawl. Sangeet dresses were simple. She was draped in an embroidered orange frock, and he carried his kurta with waist-coat well. Nikkah was celebrated traditionally. The two wore a white dress. The wedding ended up with large reception in which friends and family shared the joy with the couple who were carrying dark green frock with golden embroidery and suit.

Numbers of actors and actresses attended ceremonies like Sadaf Kanwal, Iqra Aziz, Ahad Raza Mir’s family, Syra Yusuf, Sajal’s family, Saba Faisal and her daughter and others.

This year, Mr and Mrs Siddiqui will celebrate the second wedding anniversary and give us some cute pictures to see!

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