Jeremy McLellan Tweets About Pakistan and India

American comedian Jeremy McLellan just loves Pakistan and he never missed an opportunity to express his love for the country. The comedian has showered praise for Pakistan in his tweet and has also visited Pakistan in order to show his love. While his love for Pakistan is hidden from none, Jeremy’s sarcasm is second to none and we witnessed a show of it when the comedian schooled India on his Twitter account. Jeremy, who is famous for his wit, took a dig at Narendra Modi after the latter won the 2019 elections and this did not go well with the Indians at all.

Jeremy in a tweet said that he has canceled his upcoming 5-week tour to India just because Narendra Modi has won the elections. He said that he apologizes to all the Indian fans who bought a ticket for his shows. While these statements were enough to burn the Indians, Jeremy went one step ahead in his tweet and said that he will now have to visit Pakistan instead. This certainly did not go well with the Indians who came all guns firing at the comedian saying that that he should actually get to Pakistan where he can have a “blast”.

But Jeremy was not taking anything from the Indians and continued to troll the people on Twitter which left everyone laughing. He further went on to tweet that Modi called him and asked not to cancel his tour of India and in return, he will get millions of dollars. But Jeremy rejected the offer. This is not the only time that the comedian has taken a dig at the Indian as he tweeted that he will go to India even after getting banned on a cloudy day so that the radars can’t catch him in reference to Modi’s airstrike radar claims against Pakistan.


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