Juggun Kazim Reveals Heartbreaking Details About Her First Marriage

Juggun Kazim is a Pakistani Canadian actress, morning show host, and a YouTuber. She is also a brand ambassador of Garnier Pakistan. She belongs to a Kashmiri Punjabi Muslim family. She attended Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore, and the Kings’s College, Canada, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media.

A lot of people are silently going through a lot of things they aren’t talking about, not making it to public, suffering all over alone physical abuse and mental abuse, and it does not make you feel safe from this cruel reality of life.

Recently, Juggun Kazim opens up about her first marriage and physical abuse she has suffered, on an interview with Samina Peerzada for her show “Rewind with Samina Peerzada” on Youtube. This was the first time she talked about her first marriage in detail. She was always an obstreperous child and had a distracted childhood due to her parents divorced when she was young. This incident made Juggun upset and made her do things that no other normal girl would do and she was psychologically unsure about herself. She always wanted to become an actress from a young age and took part in many school theatrical plays.

When she returned from Canada to Pakistan in December 2004 to attend her brother’s engagement, there she met Ahmed Tajik, who is her ex-husband. They saw each other, exchanged their numbers, got in contact, and met for once and privately got married to each other in the seven days of their meetings. The marriage and hurly-burly romance was Juggun’s disaffected act. Her family disapproved of the marriage as they knew the man she’s married has a really bad reputation, but Juggun stood on her decision as blindly in love. Time changed, things began to change her happy marriage life turned into physical abuse. It was just the third month of their wedding and her husband first raised his hand at her.

This happens one, twice or thrice but sadly became the part daily. Her husband did not break off the abuse of her pregnancy of their first child. He used to accuse and question the parentage of their child. He even disagreed for her medical assist at the time of the delivery which leads to a great loss of blood and guided to critical condition for both baby and the mother. Laying in ICU, where Juggun decided to get separated from that mentally and physically abusive relationship for her son. She got divorced from that mentally ill person and her family accepted her back. She got everything back and setting her broken pieces back to her. She came back to the acting, started her career, lost weight became healthy all over again.

Then, now she met Feisal H Naqvi, her now-husband through a mutual friend. She was looking for a well-wisher to settle down although it was tough for her to trust any man again now she also revealed that thankfully she is in a happy place now. She found love, home, and a happy healthy family.

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