Ushna Shah’s Midnight Story Set Twitter on Fire

Pakistani Film and TV actress Ushna Shah insults a pizza delivery guy and found herself in a jammed controversy and social media is taking it to the next level. She tweeted regarding a little ‘sexist’ and ‘demeaning’ comments she passed to a pizza delivery guy. According to her, she told the man that “be a man”, “you are not a four-year-old girl”, and “try to be manly”.

Twitter is on fire after Ushna Shah’s comments and asked her to apologize to the employee. People are bashing her in response to the weird yet confusing post, the actress did not abstain from tweeting to defend herself even though she was the first person to call her comments sexist and demeaning.

In her initial tweet continued by the first one where she added that her dog would have only sniffed and kissed the delivery guy had he first walked inside calmly. Social media did not let her sleep calmly and repeatedly asked her to go and to apologize to the delivery guy, who is probably underpaid and already underworked to deliver that pizza over 02:30 am, with wanting to have his manhood tested.

More comments poured in as folks realized that the actress was speaking from a high-fi substructure, where she was unresponsive to the problem and mindsets of a middle-class person, and disagreed to apologize with someone afraid of dogs without any meaning to maltreat them.

One person called her a fascist for her abusive remarks, more he says that it was not her right to challenge his manhood which brought him inside, rather it was her class, besides his will to do his job. Further, many pointed out that why she could not go outside to bring the pizza rather than playing his masculinity card.

The controversy got more critical as the celebrity refused to understand what the issue was about. It is getting worst.

She continued to refer everyone’s concerns as ‘crying’ and her statement is giving Priyanka’s “Are you done venting?” vibe and indicated that she was holding the dog because of his safety, anyhow he refused to come in.

Ushna Shah’s statements are taking social media down and going viral more like a fire. Whereas, people are not buying any of her justifications.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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