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Kamyab Jawan Programme Loan Application Form and Procedure


Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan activated “KAMYAB JAWAN PROGRAMME” for welfare and self-employment opportunities for the youth across the country. Through the Kamyab Jawan program, the government aims to open the Entrepreneurship scheme for the empowerment of the youth.


Loan Program:

The Prime Minister announced that Rs.100 billion have been devoted to youth loans under the program. PM announced that loan worth Rs.100,000 will be interest-free, whereas loans on the other two categories will be self-revelation loans.

Over One million young people will be facilitated under this program. PM says, we have youth, they are our strength but unfortunately (we are insufficient in) skills. Following, Rs.10 billion will be used for teaching skills to 100,000 young people of our country and 100 labs will be established for distance learning. Through this program, internships will also be arranged through which 25,000 young people will be connected to the industry.

Loan Procedure:

The form will be both in English and Urdu and require minimum information with the simplest format. The processing time will not exceed 15 days and it will be mentioned clearly in the application form. The forms will be available both in branches and through assigned websites of the bank. A non-refundable application form fee will be Rs.100/-.


Eligibility Criteria:

All the native people, holding CNIC, aged between 21 and 45 years with an entrepreneurial perspective are competent. Lower age limit will be 18 years for IT/E-COMMERCE businesses. Small start-ups and existing businesses owned by youth as per the above-mentioned age brackets are also competent. At least matriculation and six-month experience is required for IT and E-Commerce businesses. No documents are required at the time of online submission for this program.

Application Form:

Nominated banks in the first instance are the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Bank of Punjab, Bank of Khyber. Later on, other commercial banks will also be allowed to participate in this program. Types of loans are working capital loans and term loans. Loan tenor time is up to 8 years with a maximum grace period of up to one year. In this program focus on the women is eligible, 25% of the loans will go to the women borrowers. Application Form for Loan.

The objective of this program is self-employment opportunities for the young youth of Pakistan.

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