Kashmir Hour Observed Throughout in Pakistan

A huge response was seen throughout Pakistan after the Prime Minister asked the nation to come out between 12 and 12 30 in the afternoon on Friday. The act was to express the solidarity with the innocent people of the Kashmir who are suffering hard against the worst kind of Indian atrocities. The Kashmir hour, as it was called started off exactly at 12 in the noon. Millions of Pakistanis of all walks of life regardless of the gender and the age were out on the roads chanting slogans and praying for the good of their Kashmiri brothers.

The people holding the flags of both Pakistan and Kashmir came out on the roads. There were speeches against the abrogation of the article 370 while at the same time they expressed the desire to see the Indian forces out of Kashmir. The Pakistanis were clear that they only want peace and nothing else. They want the Kashmiris to be independent and free from the Indian occupation as like any other nation it is their right to be free.

A few days back the prime Minister delivered a speech with a clear cut message about the Kashmiris. He in that speech requested the nation to join hands with the government by coming out. He said that this would definitely be a power show for the neighbor and assurance for the Kashmiris that their Pakistani brothers are ready to stand for their rights. Prime Minister wanted the Kashmiris to know that we will go at all lengths to safeguard their rights.

In pursuance of this the nation came out at 12 all over the country. The PM and the president addressed the nation from their respective official premises. At exactly 12 the traffic came to a standstill. The cars on the roads, the trains and even the air space were not in use. The national anthem of Pakistan was also recited along with the anthem of the Kashmir.

We hope that soon Kashmir will see independence.

YouTube video
YouTube video

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