Awais Honey Makes Pakistan Proud After Arsalan Ash

Korean players are dominating the Tekken scene for the past few years. Names like JDCR and Knee are legendary as far as international Tekken scene is considered.

A few months ago, Arsalan Ash from Pakistan rose on international scene and astonished the world as he beat Knee convincingly and made Pakistan proud.


Later a video of a local Pakistani tournament was uploaded where Arsalan Ash was playing against other Pakistani players. He didn’t win the tournament because there was another guy named Awais Honey playing with Akuma.

YouTube video

TheMainManSWE is Tekken specific channel that make reaction videos about Tekken. The video of Arsalan Ash playing against Awais Honey was shown on this channel. The Tekken world was astonished to see how easily Awais Honey beat Arsalan Ash. They started to wonder about the level of Tekken in Pakistan.

Soon Awais Honey from Pakistan got sponsored and recently played against Knee in a tournament’s grand finale. Although he didn’t beat Knee as convincingly as Arsalan Ash, yet it was a perfectly played match as Akuma is very hard to execute.

YouTube video

Future is very bright for Pakistani video game players and it is getting established as a new industry. Exposure of Pakistani talent through internet is playing pivotal role in the world getting to know and recognize the excellent level of Pakistani gamers.

It seems that with the entry of Arsalan Ash and Awais Honey, the dominance of Korean players on international Tekken scene is coming to an end while the era of Pakistani players’ supremacy has just begun.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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