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KP Government to Introduce Heli Service to Promote Tourism

Pakistan is a beautiful place for tourism and over the last few years’ tourism has increased rapidly in the country as people from all over the world are coming. Whether it’s the fairy meadows or the beaches of Balochistan, Pakistan has it all for the tourists. The provincial governments are doing their best to increase tourism in the country and Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa government is also in this race. Tourism Minister of KP government has said that they are now starting helicopter service in collaboration with the private sector in order to boost the tourism in the province with the aim to cover far fledge destinations.

The minister said that they are in talks with private companies that can start of helicopter services through which tourists can be taken from Islamabad and Lahore to different far off tourist areas were going through road transportation is a difficult task. The minister further said that by doing so they will be able to cut off a major time that goes in the road journey and people will be able to visit and see different places in a less span of time. Right now traveling time to far-flung areas can take hours and can be very tiring as well for the tourists.

Apart from starting a helicopter service, the KP government is also taking several different initiatives as well including the plan to build a Buddhist city in the district of Mardan. The government aims to build the city in order to attract Buddhists from all over the world to come to Mardan for tourism and religious rituals in the country. The efforts of the KP government will surely provide a boost to the tourism sector in the country and people will be able to explore beautiful areas of Pakistan in a less span of time.


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