Mahira Khan Reacts to Firdous Jamal Harsh Comment

The film industry and showbiz is always understoms. Recently many controversies hit media and left all of us in shock. Every other day something comes up which is new in its own. SO was with Mahira khan. Mahira khan is leading heroin of the media. She gave media numerous hit movies and dramas. She has a strong fan following not within the country but also in India.

Controversy broke when Firdos Jamal veteran actor commented negatively about Mahira khan in a morning show. He criticizes her for being old age. He suggested her to be a mother of heroin or hero instead of being heroin herself.

So after a silence of a day, Mahira Khan decided to reply by herself. She selected letter as her medium of communication. In which she thanks all those who supported her, favored her and backed all without asking.

She added that she is in industry and is proud of her industry. She thinks that she has done whatever she feels right She also thanked seniors for supporting and making life bit easier for her in the industry.

She added that there is a lot of hatred all over. In this world of hatred, she has to bring love and harmony everywhere. She insisted on showing patience towards others. She thinks that a successful woman is a cause of threat for male-oriented world.

The best part of all this controversy is that many stars and celebrity came up in support of Mahira. Many people including Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddique, and Noor Abbas came to support Mahira Khan.

Well, we can`t say that Firdos Jamal is wrong but his selection of word was not appropriate. If he has to criticize at least he should express himself in better and polite ways that don’t hurt other`s feelings and retain his best image.

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We are the present. What we do and how we do it, is our future. Thank you to all those who have come out to support me- I did not ask for it and that makes it even more special. As an artist I am proud of my industry. I’m grateful to my senior artists for paving the way for people like me and so many others. I am also proud of myself. In this journey of mine, I can proudly say that I have done what I thought was right and never succumbed to what others thought was right for me. That – I will continue to do. InshAllah. In a world full of hate, let’s choose to love. Let’s be tolerant of other people’s opinions and let our fight be against the mindset -that a successful woman is a scary thought. No it isn’t. It’s a beautiful and empowering one. Let us stop picking on one another so that this industry and our country thrives like no other. I read somewhere that ‘Stardom’ in Latin means – thank you to the fans when it was lonely. Stardom it is then! Love and Gratitude, X

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