Pakistani Students Included in Canadian SDS Program: Visa in 20 Days

Pakistani students had to wait for a long time in order to get their student visas and pursue their higher education in Canada. The process was cumbersome and could take a lot of time which would mean that students can often end up missing their semester starting dates. But this problem is not anymore as Canada has decided to include Pakistan in its Student Direct Stream (SDS) program. Through this program, the students of Pakistan will now be able to get their student visas for Canada within three weeks only. Earlier, the Canadian government had initiated the program for students from the Philippines, India, and Vietnam last year.

According to a press release by the Canadian government, Pakistan is now officially part of the SDS program where students from other countries have been getting their visas in three weeks only. Through the SDS program, students provide a lot of up-front information to the officers which also includes meeting the language test criteria and any other information that can show that they can finance their educational tenure in Canada. With the required information available to the officers, they get a chance to process the applications a lot quicker which ensures that the students get their visas in three weeks’ time.

The main aim of the Canadian government is to attract more students from different backgrounds so that students from different nations can study together in Canada. Students who graduate from Canada also become eligible for the post-graduation work permit and can then apply for residence through the Express entry program. This is valid for the Pakistani students as well. The decision by the Canadian government to allow Pakistan in SDS program will help the students as they can now get visas early and also shows the goodwill gesture of Canada towards Pakistan.

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