Mehwish Hayat Dance Rehearsal 7th Hum Awards Controversy

Mehwish Hayat is a renowned actress of Pakistan. In very few years she has carved her name among the top stars. Her skills are not just acclaimed here in the country but also abroad. She has been a popular ambassador of the country. Despite her creative skills, she is also known for social work. She has taken up the task of helping the needy and those in problem. She wants to spread the light of knowledge to those who are still deprived of this essential requirement for a better life.

Besides this Mehwish Hayat has become the queen of scandals and controversies too. For quite some time the actress has become of the social media forums for even her slightest actions. From her pride f performance till date she is in news after every now and then. Recent discussion is regarding her video on Instagram. Mehwish Hayat shared her dance video on Instagram. This dance was performed along with her co-star another popular star Ahsan Khan.

Mehwish wore an impressive pink and white outfit in the video that was quite eye-catching. The dance was actually a rehearsal for the upcoming award show that is going to happen in the United States. Both the stars were dancing to the very fascinating tunes that could not be ignored either by the listener. The video after being showcased in the Insta account of the actress received multiple responses. There were viewers who praised her for her dancing talent and the amazing moves but at the same time there were some who were not satisfied with what she was doing. These people considered it was not appropriate for such a star to dance in such a revealing manner. The immoral dressing and conduct was a matter of concern for most of the users.

It all happened just two months ago when she was awarded the Pride of Performance in Norway. She also supported the idea of curbing the Islamophobia that has become common in the world of entertainment too. Besides she was seen traveling abroad very frequently. Mehwish has taken up the challenge of spreading knowledge with the assistance of the Muslim Islamic Charity, Penny Appeal. They have made her their brand ambassador too.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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